666 Jahre in der Computerhölle


 * NOTE! This is very dirty and dangerous trick. I spend
 * several hours on thinking and man pages browsing,
 * but couldn’t find better solution.
 * I know that I will spend 666 years in the Computer Hell
 * for writing this hack, and the master devil (Billy Boy)
 * will send me to write Windowz software.

Source: Direct link to the source code
Software: GNUstep Base Library
Programming language: C++

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2 Antworten zu “666 Jahre in der Computerhölle”

  1. Es geht dann eigentlich auch noch ganz lustig weiter:

    ** BTW, for writing this hack I got personal
    ** congratulations from Dennis
    ** Ritchie and Bjarne Stroustrup sent me a bunch
    ** of flowers and asked me to participate
    ** in the standardization committee for C– v.6.0 as
    ** responsible for the new Tab-Overriding-Operator
    ** and Scope-Sensitive-Comments…
    ** but this makes my situation even worse ;-)
    ** – Georg

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