What about the Boot Sector?


Hiermit verabschiede ich mich in zwei Wochen (hoffentlich sehr sonnigen) Urlaub. Diese Zeit wird auch größtenteils internetfrei sein, weswegen hier keine neuen Code Candies von mir gebloggt werden.

; AFTER DISASSEMBLY I have this impression:
; This is what Bill Gates said… when Win95 was going to be
; released:
; “Gates: OK, then we’re ready to press the CD’s and start
; shipping out this new load of shit, but of course nobody
; will notice… harr harr.
; Employee: Hey, Mr. Gates what about the Boot Sector?? We
; haven’t written the FAT32 support routines there yet…
; Gates: Ah, that’s right… anybody?? We have just 45 minutes…
; Employee #2: Well, I think I can hack some shit together…
; Gates: Fine, go for it… remember you have only 44 minutes…
; Employee #2: I think I can do it.
; Gates: Fine, then I’ll just go home… We’ve made it!!”
; There is some really strange code in this boot record….
; I bet Bill Gates hired some crazy mother f*cker to write
; this shit. It seems like he had really tried to make the
; code fit within one sector. But when it didn’t hid just
; decided to use three instead…
; This is a typical microsoft solution, they mix stupid 8086
; code… with cheap solutions and then suddenly they use
; 386 code…
; And then there is the new FAT32 data structures where they
; have moved the volume label, FileSystem ID and serial
; number down to make room for some extended FAT32 variables…
; it sucks. Why not rearange the whole structure… An OS
; would not try to interpret the shit anyway, because
; the Partitioni Table SYSID has changed with FAT32.
; As I said… crazy mother f*cker…
; Well, well… here’s some of the stuff… with a mix of mine
; and sourcer’s comments…

Source: Direct link to the source code
Software: win95 boot sector
Programming language: Assembly

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