Ok, so far


/* Ok, so far about some real stupid f*ck-ups in the firmware
 * as well as in the documentation. But these guys also
 * obviously spend so much time writing a more or less
 * completely useless user interface that they didn’t had
 * the time to implement reasonable GPIB commands. E.g.,
 * who can be that stupid to write a command for setting
 * pattern bits in a way that you have to send a complete
 * byte over the already slow enough GPIB bus just to set
 * one single bit of a pulser channel? And why isn’t there at
 * least a command to set a block of pattern bits by sending
 * the start end length plus the state? And, finally, why
 * isn’t there for more than 90% of the stuff that you can
 * do via the keyboard an equivalent GPIB command?

Source: Direct link to the source code
Software: fsc2
Programming language: C

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