Yelling outside my window?


*TODO Who the f*ck is yelling outside my window?
*If you click and make a new sound about 1000 times, or so,
*you get an out of memory error and it f*cks to SH*T God damn
*those b*tches outside are loud motherf*ckers, sounds like
*people fighting F*ck, anyway, it’s about 600K per new sound.
*stopping the sound adds sh*t too. F*ck. I tried setting the
*thread to null after it was killed hoping garbage collection
*would fix sh*t, but no, f*cked it up worse of course. All I
*changed was oldx=0 (so you can go from a 440 tone to a
*439 tone in 1 click) and pulled that same line out of the if
*and else. What the f*ck is up with sh*t I see like y-55-15.
*f*cking y-70. wtf. There seems to be sh*t with converting
*sh*t to long before division, then casting the result as an
*int. it’s done automatically, you just need one long cast
*for the f*ck, I’ll fix it and note it up there

Source: Direct link to the source code
Software: JMusicMaker
Programming language: Java

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