I’m a good mathematician-programmer


// incidentally one of my neighbors may be hooking me up with
// a summer job at a firm that writes code for something
// they need good mathmatician-programmers.
// i’m a good mathematician-programmer
// or at least, I think I am…
// am i?
// I don’t think I should have had that third beer…
// I had a first and a second…
// i’m not totally drunk.
// explains why you didn’t think peermanager existed, anyway…

// coding when drunk does not work.
// did you have a first and a second
// because if not, that might be where you’re going wrong
// heh. i can see why you might stand a chance then.
// tbh i thought you were gonna say ‘my neighbour may be
// hooking me up with a girl’ and i was like oh ffs you
// better not say that fortunately, you both exceeded and
// FSASDGS my expectations. so that’s good. :)

Source: Direct link to the source code
Software: nishbin
Programming language: C#

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