This annoyed many windows users


Thanks to Andreas R. for this code candy

** 2006-10-31: The default prefix used to be “sqlite_”.
** But then Mcafee started using SQLite in their anti-
** virus product and it started putting files with the
** “sqlite” name in the c:/temp folder.
** This annoyed many windows users. Those users would then
** do a Google search for “sqlite”, find the telephone
** numbers of the developers and call to wake them up at
** night and complain.
** For this reason, the default name prefix is changed to
** be “sqlite” spelled backwards. So the temp files are
** still identified, but anybody smart enough to figure
** out the code is also likely smart enough to know that
** calling the developer will not help get rid of the
** file.
# define SQLITE_TEMP_FILE_PREFIX “etilqs_”

Source: Direct link to the source code
Software: SQLite
Programming language: C

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