Funny Changelog

* fixed a mem leak in the container cleanup functions
* fixed a mem leak in xform cleanup functions
* decided to stop smoking crack before I code cleanup functions

Smoked the wrong weed

# Somebody must have smoked some really wicked weed when they
# defined the ListFontsWithInfo request:
# The server sends a reply for _each_ matching font...
# It then sends a special reply (name length == 0) to
# indicate that there are no more fonts in the reply.

# This means that we have to do some special parsing to see
# if we have got the end-of-reply reply. If we haven’t, we
# have to reinsert the request in the front of the
# display.sent_request queue to catch the next response.

# Bastards.

Support interlacing

/* interlaced image — futz with the vertical trace. i wish
 * i knew what kind of drugs the GIF people were on when
 * they decided that they needed to support interlacing.