Someone paid them

/* Outlook can't f*cking follow RFC if someone PAID them to do it...
   oh wait, someone paid them NOT to do it. */

Dear future me

// this is mostly a modification of the "surplus hull" mission
// dear future me: good luck figuring this one out, asshole

Too scared

# I am not sure if we need this, but too scared to delete. ;)

What’s wrong here

// F*cking f*ck sh*t code is not f*cking working and I have 
// no bloody idea what's wrong with it and I rewrote it to something 
// that looks different but does the same and guess what? 
// yes the bug is still happening. gahhhhhhhhhhhhh,
// hopefully one day I will figure out what's wrong here.

Thx Miika and Daniel

// I wrote this while drunk and then 
// Miika and Daniel fixed it for me.

Bet on it

### No matter how tempted you may be DO NOT USE THIS FUNCTION!
### (if you do, gstein will hunt you down and burn your knee caps off
### in the middle of the night)
### "Bet on it." --gstein

It only get worse

 * I feel so sorry for you. You dug through a huge pile of crap
 * until you have reached this comment. And some of this crappy
 * code is from me. Sorry for that. But you can surely believe me,
 * when I say it only get worse.

Better idea

 * yeah this is really f*cking ugly but 
 * till someone has a better idea, its goin' here
 * -beak

Funny Changelog

* fixed a mem leak in the container cleanup functions
* fixed a mem leak in xform cleanup functions
* decided to stop smoking crack before I code cleanup functions

Real hacker in action

 * And f*ck you PHC you no talent bunch of f*cking script
 * kiddies. You’ll f*cking shit your pants when you see a real
 * hacker in action. No I dont rip code, but you bitchs cant
 * tell a piece of code from an apple pie, so shut the f*ck
 * up.
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