You’ve been warned

######## No User serviceable part below ! ########
# You should really not look any further:
# The following is private unexported undocumented 
# unblessed... code time to hit "q" ;-) !

# Hmmm... ok, you really want to know ?

# You’ve been warned… Here it is...

# Array storing the parsed descriptions
variable OptDesc;
array set OptDesc {};
# Next potentially free key id (numeric)
variable OptDescN 0;

# Inside algorithm/mechanism description:
# (not for the faint hearted ;-)

I have NO idea how this happened

/* what the f*ck... this happened once when the source was
 * somehow added twice... i have NO idea how this happened,
 * but giFT shouldn’t be crashing because of it */

A security standpoint

 * Map other pairs to security names
 * here. For now just let non-IPv4 transport always succeed.
 * WHAAAATTTT. No, we don’t let non-IPv4 transports
 * succeed! You must fix this to make it usable, sorry.
 * From a security standpoint this is insane. — Wes

Sorry to the developers

# don’t blame me if this is wrong! It took me quite a while
# to find in st**id tcsh docs *grrr*
# (insert “sorry-to-the-developers” here).

A rewrite from scratch

Originally this was a hacked version of shout.
Then, I wrote it in perl, the music kept breaking up on pauses
Then, I wrote it in C, the music kept breaking up on pauses
Then, I wrote another one in C using shared memory between two processes.
It worked.
Then, I discovered what happens when you run out of shared memory keys
Then, I ran fsck and pressed ‘y’ lots.
Started again in C, same idea.
Shared memory became unwieldy.
This is a rewrite from scratch using pipes between processes.
I am pissed off.

Self censorship

// we like profanity in open source software, please read the
// following words carefully:
// f**k, p*ssy, d*ck, sp**m, motherf**ker
// hope our source code will now be censored by all
// governments that s**k.

MS Bob is a virgin

# gnat: no f*cking microsoft products, thanks :)
# ^Pudge: what about non-f*cking MS products? 
# i hear MS Bob is a virgin.

Sometimes just praying helps

* And so I saw the wicked buried, who had come and gone from
* the place of the holy, and they were forgotten in the city
* where they had so done: this is also vanity. (Eccl 8:10)

Better solution

# tolerate Silly Billy’s file system conventions
my $provider = Template::Provider->new({
# better solution: install Linux! :-)

A very dirty and dangerous trick

 * NOTE! This is very dirty and dangerous trick. I spend
 * several hours on thinking and man pages browsing,
 * but couldn’t find better solution.
 * I know that I will spend 666 years in the Computer Hell
 * for writing this hack, and the master devil (Billy Boy)
 * will send me to write Windowz software.
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