Sorry to the developers

# don’t blame me if this is wrong! It took me quite a while
# to find in st**id tcsh docs *grrr*
# (insert “sorry-to-the-developers” here).

A rewrite from scratch

Originally this was a hacked version of shout.
Then, I wrote it in perl, the music kept breaking up on pauses
Then, I wrote it in C, the music kept breaking up on pauses
Then, I wrote another one in C using shared memory between two processes.
It worked.
Then, I discovered what happens when you run out of shared memory keys
Then, I ran fsck and pressed ‘y’ lots.
Started again in C, same idea.
Shared memory became unwieldy.
This is a rewrite from scratch using pipes between processes.
I am pissed off.

Self censorship

// we like profanity in open source software, please read the
// following words carefully:
// f**k, p*ssy, d*ck, sp**m, motherf**ker
// hope our source code will now be censored by all
// governments that s**k.

MS Bob is a virgin

# gnat: no f*cking microsoft products, thanks :)
# ^Pudge: what about non-f*cking MS products? 
# i hear MS Bob is a virgin.

Sometimes just praying helps

* And so I saw the wicked buried, who had come and gone from
* the place of the holy, and they were forgotten in the city
* where they had so done: this is also vanity. (Eccl 8:10)

Better solution

# tolerate Silly Billy’s file system conventions
my $provider = Template::Provider->new({
# better solution: install Linux! :-)

A very dirty and dangerous trick

 * NOTE! This is very dirty and dangerous trick. I spend
 * several hours on thinking and man pages browsing,
 * but couldn’t find better solution.
 * I know that I will spend 666 years in the Computer Hell
 * for writing this hack, and the master devil (Billy Boy)
 * will send me to write Windowz software.

Say goodbye to the webserver

  newlocation must now be the absolute path on newhost.
  If not we’ve been redirected to somewhere totally stupid
  (oh yeah, no offsite linking, go to our f*cking front page).
  Say goodbye to the webserver in this case. In fact, we don’t
  even say goodbye, but just drop the connection.

We are in trouble

// Ok, If we’ve gotten here, we’re in trouble...

No Donut for You!

# Whoops, the admin left the field blank, bad admin,
# no donut.  Pick a time far enough in the future that
# it gives the admin time to correct the mistake.
# Twenty minutes should be enough.
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