No sleep til it works

# I wrote this very late at night. It may well be total shit
# but it appears to work. I am stressed out and should
# probably go to bed.

Support interlacing

/* interlaced image — futz with the vertical trace. i wish
 * i knew what kind of drugs the GIF people were on when
 * they decided that they needed to support interlacing.

Rave got owned

$a = num();
$b = num();
$c = num();
$d = num();
$dot = ‘.';
$total = “$a$dot$b$dot$c$dot$d”;
# I haven’t laughed that hard since rave got owned in h0no3!!
# my $total = $a . “.” . $b . “.” . $c . “.” . $d;
return $total;

The documented way

// The documented way of returning a multi selection when
// the result buffer is to small doesn't work. Well...
// At least, I can't get it working...
// Pick up the information directly from the selection-
// dialog and return it in the same format as it is

Once upon a time

// Let me explain a history about OrenetaDataInputStream.
// Once upon a time, there was a java programmer (aka Abel),
// who extended DataInputStream Class to support reading of
// complex data structures, as Inet4 and Inet6 address.
// He used the ‘read’ method of DataInput Stream, and told
// him to read ‘x’ bytes of data, as ‘x’ was the size of the
// data he wanted to read. But sometimes, extrange data
// appeared in the java application. He wondered from
// where it came, but he didn’t discovered until debugged
// the C server, captured the network packets and finally
// debugged the OrenetaDataInputStream Class. He spent
// many days and many hairs, but finally he knowed tha he
// must use the method ‘readFully’, that blocks until it read
// ‘x’ bytes. He congratulated himself and enjoyed it with
// cheers of red wine with his friends. (22-07-2003).

Do not translate the next line

/* HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!, do not translate the next
 * line!, Since this is the default string we might as well
 * use the gettext translation as we will likely have better
 * translations there. Yes ugly as f*ck, but oh well,
 * unfortunately two standard defaults are in circulation */

Users should only see this

# Users should only see this if the 
# programmer (me) fucked up

Programmer is always right

* Now let’s examine the code below. The cornerstone of C
* is "programmer is always right" and that’s what we love
* it for :-) For this very reason C compilers have to be
* paranoid when it comes to data aliasing and assume the
* worst.

It got lost

 * All of the samples I’ve seen are 8 bits deep, so we assume
 * that. Yeah, yeah, that’s nasty and evil, and I’m terribly
 * ashamed of it, but I’m not going to bother with bit
 * fiddling until I see an image that needs it. I once had
 * a 16-bit Galileo image of Venus, but it got lost (sigh).

The worlds worst sorting routine

// Ok, here we go, the holy grail of programmers,
// a sorting routine!! Why have I chosen the worlds
// worst sorting routine? Its easy and fast enough...
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