It got lost

 * All of the samples I’ve seen are 8 bits deep, so we assume
 * that. Yeah, yeah, that’s nasty and evil, and I’m terribly
 * ashamed of it, but I’m not going to bother with bit
 * fiddling until I see an image that needs it. I once had
 * a 16-bit Galileo image of Venus, but it got lost (sigh).

The worlds worst sorting routine

// Ok, here we go, the holy grail of programmers,
// a sorting routine!! Why have I chosen the worlds
// worst sorting routine? Its easy and fast enough...

To be honest

  However, this won't work in all cases, because DBI handles
  for reasons that are far beyond the scope of this document.
  (To be honest, I, Jochen Wiedmann, still don't understand 
  all the things Tim does in his XS sources. ;-)

We should define something

/* #### This is such a load of shit!!!! 
  There is no way we should define something
  so stupid as a subr, just sort the
  f*cking list more intelligently. */

I hate documentation work

// I hate documentation work and I won’t document this code
// before any one besides me actually uses it. So if you want
// to use it simply write a mail on the ClanLib User list and
// I will do what I can :-)

Learn to code

 * pff, hey kiddiez! this program sends mad packets to some
 * foo from every broadcast address on earth, mad leet yo...
 * (you really wanna know what it does? LEARN TO CODE!   
 * and stop being a gayass f*ckin script kiddie)

Idiot standard

# God, I hate DTDs. I really do. Why this idiot 
# standard still plagues us is beyond me.

3d app coders

/* remark:
 * well, this is some major obj spec f*ckup once again. some
 * apps store this in 0..1 range, others use 0..100 range,
 * even others use 0..2048 range, and again others use the
 * range 0..128, some even use 0..1000, 0..200, 400..700,
 * honestly, what's up with the 3d app coders? happens when
 * you smoke too much weed i guess. -sea

With sugar on top

// Aaaaaargh... could we please, PLEASE, pretty please with
// sugar on top, have the stub functions not make a special
// case out of single pointers... it makes such a huge mess
// of everything. Please?

Don’t look at this code

# Warning: don’t look at this code. in case of accidentally
# viewing, induce vomiting. just kidding, you will vomit
# anyway.
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