I hate documentation work

// I hate documentation work and I won’t document this code
// before any one besides me actually uses it. So if you want
// to use it simply write a mail on the ClanLib User list and
// I will do what I can :-)

Learn to code

 * pff, hey kiddiez! this program sends mad packets to some
 * foo from every broadcast address on earth, mad leet yo...
 * (you really wanna know what it does? LEARN TO CODE!   
 * and stop being a gayass f*ckin script kiddie)

Idiot standard

# God, I hate DTDs. I really do. Why this idiot 
# standard still plagues us is beyond me.

3d app coders

/* remark:
 * well, this is some major obj spec f*ckup once again. some
 * apps store this in 0..1 range, others use 0..100 range,
 * even others use 0..2048 range, and again others use the
 * range 0..128, some even use 0..1000, 0..200, 400..700,
 * honestly, what's up with the 3d app coders? happens when
 * you smoke too much weed i guess. -sea

With sugar on top

// Aaaaaargh... could we please, PLEASE, pretty please with
// sugar on top, have the stub functions not make a special
// case out of single pointers... it makes such a huge mess
// of everything. Please?

Don’t look at this code

# Warning: don’t look at this code. in case of accidentally
# viewing, induce vomiting. just kidding, you will vomit
# anyway.

Everybody join in

// Make sure stdin is in binary mode.
// (I hate Microsoft... I hate Microsoft... 
// Everybody join in!)

I used some code

  Last night I used some code that wasn’t there,
  This morning It wasn’t there either.
  Oh, how I wish it would stay...


## We don’t want people sending me their
## passwords when they report problems
## now do we :-)

Don’t watch movies during work

 * The below code may answer the question:  "Should I try
 * to write programs while watching a James Bond movie?"
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