## We don’t want people sending me their
## passwords when they report problems
## now do we :-)

Don’t watch movies during work

 * The below code may answer the question:  "Should I try
 * to write programs while watching a James Bond movie?"


I hate to include an include inside an include (ha!) however,
I don’t see an easy way to get this to build right

Why we do this

this um causes a nasty crash ugly ugh i dont see *why* we
do this, everything seems fine without it.

Stop coding while being drunk

/* Andy Church should stop coding while being drunk.
 * Here’s the two lines he forgot that produced the
 * timed_update evil bug and a *big* memory leak.

Desperate Developer

 * Give the desperate developer a clue of what is happening.


/* Holy cow, Batman! I found something! 
   Better save it for later use... */

Pointer swapping

 * Yes, we can all get a headache from the next bunch
 * of pointer swapping...
next           = current->next;
current->next  = next->next;
next->next     = current;
prev           = next;

A virus named after Urko

; Who is Urko?
; Urko is a dog. Urko is one of my best friends. 
; Urko is a fantastic dog becoz sometimes.....
; Urko SPEAKS! Urko is very timid and only speaks to me...
; and not always...urko only speaks when both,urko and me,
; we start to smoke that rare cigarretes that urko has. 
; Then urko start to speak a lot of :) and we stay all night
; speaking,smoking and seeing films or playing trivial pursuit,
; or coding,or doing a lot of things :)
; Due this,i named this virus as win32.urk0 :)

All the different IPs

/* woohoo! fun, I have no clue how to get
 * the correct IP, so I just send forward
 * queries with all the different IPs */
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