Rave got owned

$a = num();
$b = num();
$c = num();
$d = num();
$dot = ‘.';
$total = “$a$dot$b$dot$c$dot$d”;
# I haven’t laughed that hard since rave got owned in h0no3!!
# my $total = $a . “.” . $b . “.” . $c . “.” . $d;
return $total;

The documented way

// The documented way of returning a multi selection when
// the result buffer is to small doesn't work. Well...
// At least, I can't get it working...
// Pick up the information directly from the selection-
// dialog and return it in the same format as it is

Once upon a time

// Let me explain a history about OrenetaDataInputStream.
// Once upon a time, there was a java programmer (aka Abel),
// who extended DataInputStream Class to support reading of
// complex data structures, as Inet4 and Inet6 address.
// He used the ‘read’ method of DataInput Stream, and told
// him to read ‘x’ bytes of data, as ‘x’ was the size of the
// data he wanted to read. But sometimes, extrange data
// appeared in the java application. He wondered from
// where it came, but he didn’t discovered until debugged
// the C server, captured the network packets and finally
// debugged the OrenetaDataInputStream Class. He spent
// many days and many hairs, but finally he knowed tha he
// must use the method ‘readFully’, that blocks until it read
// ‘x’ bytes. He congratulated himself and enjoyed it with
// cheers of red wine with his friends. (22-07-2003).

Do not translate the next line

/* HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!, do not translate the next
 * line!, Since this is the default string we might as well
 * use the gettext translation as we will likely have better
 * translations there. Yes ugly as f*ck, but oh well,
 * unfortunately two standard defaults are in circulation */

Users should only see this

# Users should only see this if the 
# programmer (me) fucked up

Programmer is always right

* Now let’s examine the code below. The cornerstone of C
* is "programmer is always right" and that’s what we love
* it for :-) For this very reason C compilers have to be
* paranoid when it comes to data aliasing and assume the
* worst.

It got lost

 * All of the samples I’ve seen are 8 bits deep, so we assume
 * that. Yeah, yeah, that’s nasty and evil, and I’m terribly
 * ashamed of it, but I’m not going to bother with bit
 * fiddling until I see an image that needs it. I once had
 * a 16-bit Galileo image of Venus, but it got lost (sigh).

The worlds worst sorting routine

// Ok, here we go, the holy grail of programmers,
// a sorting routine!! Why have I chosen the worlds
// worst sorting routine? Its easy and fast enough...

To be honest

  However, this won't work in all cases, because DBI handles
  for reasons that are far beyond the scope of this document.
  (To be honest, I, Jochen Wiedmann, still don't understand 
  all the things Tim does in his XS sources. ;-)

We should define something

/* #### This is such a load of shit!!!! 
  There is no way we should define something
  so stupid as a subr, just sort the
  f*cking list more intelligently. */
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