Seek and Destroy

 * This function is cleaned from bugs with help 
 * from the Metallica song "Seek and Destroy"
 * (IMHO the best song ever from Metallica)

Drunk programming

 * ps. i’m really drunk at moment if you didnt notice
 * and i am having problems typing. drinking vodkaa.
 * with friends while watching exocides. expect 3 of 5
 * of us have fallen asleep on flloor. So ummm. I’m here
 * coding. Man I’m typing well at moment. excuess me
 * fro any really bad coding styles I may while in this state

The Year 2000 Problem

// Yes, isn't it lovely to have to deal with 
// f*cking dates that only have two digits?
// "Hi, I'm the guy who designed the packet format. 
// I didn't think we'd ever reach the year 2000, 
// so I didn't figure we'd ever need 4 digit years."
// I hope to god he DIDN'T make it to the year 2000.

Don’t try this at home

/* These macros are defined here because they can use
   variables defined in this function. Don’t try this at
   home kids, we’re trained professionals![…]*/

Offer Porsche for Bugfix

# For some reason, I just can’t get this
# to work with my mod_dav. Works with Greg’s though???
# Very very annoyed spent hours tracking it. I’ll give
# you a porsche if you can find out why it bugs out.

/* hello world (again) */

Every programmer and software developer knows them: source code comments or code snippets that you have to read a second time and still can’t believe. That’s a code candy!

You want an example?

//calling mr dj..... yeeeeah... pamela anderson rulez..­!
//create new binary tree using tmp file

All right? All right!

On this page I collect the funniest, weirdest and often completely out-of-place code comments.
Did you also find a great code candy? I would be very happy if you would share it!

With that in mind:

# This job would be great if it wasn’t
# for the f*cking customers.

Why “hello world (again)”?
This is’s 10 year challenge 😉
Exactly 10 years ago, on 29 January 2009, I started this blog for the first time and published code candies.
As time went by the intervals between the posts got bigger and bigger until the blog fell asleep.

Now, version 2 starts with revised older posts and a lot of new code candies. Furthermore the blog is now in English instead of German.

The biggest change will be the source references. I found many earlier code candies via Google Code Search. Since the service has been shut down in the meantime, these source references are dead.
So I started looking for the original code again and put it on github (I hope that github won’t be shut down so quickly ;-)).

I will also create a tile from each code candy and share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Last but not least: A big “thank you” goes to Nico Brünjes, who gave me the Twitter-Nick @codecandies

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