// I couldn’t find ONE F*UCKING WAY to do this in the
// initialisation directly and I’m REALLY P*SSED OFF!

Smoked the wrong weed

# Somebody must have smoked some really wicked weed when they
# defined the ListFontsWithInfo request:
# The server sends a reply for _each_ matching font...
# It then sends a special reply (name length == 0) to
# indicate that there are no more fonts in the reply.

# This means that we have to do some special parsing to see
# if we have got the end-of-reply reply. If we haven’t, we
# have to reinsert the request in the front of the
# display.sent_request queue to catch the next response.

# Bastards.

Fun for shredding

;The loop below totally works, and sounds like a RAT pedal or
;something. Fun for shredding, but not winning any art awards

I hate learning new windowing toolkits

# Man, I can’t tell you just how much I hate learning new
# windowing toolkits! Who the f*ck wants to learn fifty
# different ways of painting a window or button on-screen.
# Just give me one clean API that I could use everywhere
# and I’d be OK with that. But, no, nearly every damn
# developer out there has to write a new f*cking windowing
# toolkit with a different API from every other windowing
# toolkit out there. Just how many times do we have to
# reinvent this damn wheel???

Spanish inquisition

 * I confess: this is a hack. 
 * I didn’t expect the Spanish inquisition.

Not for sale

/* Really do the RPM-management! This is probably the most
 * important part of this program! Want to rent this space
 * for commercials? No, just kidding! Not for sale! ;-) */


Yadda yadda disclaimer yadda probably not perfect yadda
well it’s okay anyway yadda yadda.

OS-specific uglyness

sorry about this piece of OS-specific uglyness. These were
pause triggers before the days of utilGetPidlist(), and are
now tacked on at the end of the guard list for
compatibility’s sake. Yes, they really are needed – I’ve seen
people curse these two till they were blue in the face, not
realizing what the heck it was that so crippled their
machines. Yeah, yeah. win9x stinks. :)

Michael! What are you doing?

Michael! What are you doing? You’re messing this all up!
Who the f*ck are you?
Your conscience! You can do better! I can do this way
cleaner. I know! This is just another terrible hack. Stop it!
Shhiiiiit, who cares? It’s too goddamn late you bastard. You
should have come up with that earlier. This game is down on
its knees already. Dying from hacks spreading like cancer…

Time to time

// Once upon a time, two `array_map` calls were sitting there, 
// but for some reasons, they triggered `E_WARNING` 
// time to time (because of PHP bug [55416]
// ( 
// Now, they are gone.
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