Dear future me

// this is mostly a modification of the "surplus hull" mission
// dear future me: good luck figuring this one out, asshole

What’s wrong here

// F*cking f*ck sh*t code is not f*cking working and I have 
// no bloody idea what's wrong with it and I rewrote it to something 
// that looks different but does the same and guess what? 
// yes the bug is still happening. gahhhhhhhhhhhhh,
// hopefully one day I will figure out what's wrong here.

It only get worse

 * I feel so sorry for you. You dug through a huge pile of crap
 * until you have reached this comment. And some of this crappy
 * code is from me. Sorry for that. But you can surely believe me,
 * when I say it only get worse.

Sometimes just praying helps

* And so I saw the wicked buried, who had come and gone from
* the place of the holy, and they were forgotten in the city
* where they had so done: this is also vanity. (Eccl 8:10)

Once upon a time

// Let me explain a history about OrenetaDataInputStream.
// Once upon a time, there was a java programmer (aka Abel),
// who extended DataInputStream Class to support reading of
// complex data structures, as Inet4 and Inet6 address.
// He used the ‘read’ method of DataInput Stream, and told
// him to read ‘x’ bytes of data, as ‘x’ was the size of the
// data he wanted to read. But sometimes, extrange data
// appeared in the java application. He wondered from
// where it came, but he didn’t discovered until debugged
// the C server, captured the network packets and finally
// debugged the OrenetaDataInputStream Class. He spent
// many days and many hairs, but finally he knowed tha he
// must use the method ‘readFully’, that blocks until it read
// ‘x’ bytes. He congratulated himself and enjoyed it with
// cheers of red wine with his friends. (22-07-2003).

The worlds worst sorting routine

// Ok, here we go, the holy grail of programmers,
// a sorting routine!! Why have I chosen the worlds
// worst sorting routine? Its easy and fast enough...

The Year 2000 Problem

// Yes, isn't it lovely to have to deal with 
// f*cking dates that only have two digits?
// "Hi, I'm the guy who designed the packet format. 
// I didn't think we'd ever reach the year 2000, 
// so I didn't figure we'd ever need 4 digit years."
// I hope to god he DIDN'T make it to the year 2000.