Count on crashes

like there’s ever going to be wrap around with a 32-bit
unsigned int! how long would that take? Let’s see... even if
we somehow generated 100 packets per second, we’d need to
run for over 1 year, 4 months straight. I suspect this
client, or the machine it’s running on, will crash way way
way before then. Ah, windows. Being able to COUNT on crashes
is SUCH a lovely thing. F*ck, whatever.

The documented way

// The documented way of returning a multi selection when
// the result buffer is to small doesn't work. Well...
// At least, I can't get it working...
// Pick up the information directly from the selection-
// dialog and return it in the same format as it is

A virus named after Urko

; Who is Urko?
; Urko is a dog. Urko is one of my best friends. 
; Urko is a fantastic dog becoz sometimes.....
; Urko SPEAKS! Urko is very timid and only speaks to me...
; and not always...urko only speaks when both,urko and me,
; we start to smoke that rare cigarretes that urko has. 
; Then urko start to speak a lot of :) and we stay all night
; speaking,smoking and seeing films or playing trivial pursuit,
; or coding,or doing a lot of things :)
; Due this,i named this virus as win32.urk0 :)