Yadda yadda disclaimer yadda probably not perfect yadda
well it’s okay anyway yadda yadda.

OS-specific uglyness

sorry about this piece of OS-specific uglyness. These were
pause triggers before the days of utilGetPidlist(), and are
now tacked on at the end of the guard list for
compatibility’s sake. Yes, they really are needed – I’ve seen
people curse these two till they were blue in the face, not
realizing what the heck it was that so crippled their
machines. Yeah, yeah. win9x stinks. :)

Michael! What are you doing?

Michael! What are you doing? You’re messing this all up!
Who the f*ck are you?
Your conscience! You can do better! I can do this way
cleaner. I know! This is just another terrible hack. Stop it!
Shhiiiiit, who cares? It’s too goddamn late you bastard. You
should have come up with that earlier. This game is down on
its knees already. Dying from hacks spreading like cancer…

Count on crashes

like there’s ever going to be wrap around with a 32-bit
unsigned int! how long would that take? Let’s see... even if
we somehow generated 100 packets per second, we’d need to
run for over 1 year, 4 months straight. I suspect this
client, or the machine it’s running on, will crash way way
way before then. Ah, windows. Being able to COUNT on crashes
is SUCH a lovely thing. F*ck, whatever.

Fight Club

 * The first rule of fight club is:
 *   You do not include ssl/ssl.h.
 * The second rule of fight club is:
 *   You DO NOT include ssl/ssl.h.
 * The third rule of fight club is:
 *   If you include util/error.h before ssl/ssl.h,
 *   the compilation is over!
 * The fourth rule of fight club is:
 *   Only one inclusion of ssl/ssl.h at once.
 * The fifth rule of fight club is:
 *   If you include ssl/ssl.h, it comes right after elinks.h.
 * The sixth rule of fight club is:
 *   No ssl/ssl.h in other .h file, no complaints about
 *   the rules.
 * The seventh rule of fight club is:
 *   The compilation will go as long as there is still
 *   something to compile.
 * The eight, and final rule of fight club is:
 *   If this your first peek at this .h file, you
 *   (Apologies to Chuck Palahniuk.) */

Work guarantee

/* Yeah, yeah. Cheap hack, but it’s guarenteed to work! :)
 * The following just hacks the returned track name into
 * the variable

I have NO idea how this happened

/* what the f*ck... this happened once when the source was
 * somehow added twice... i have NO idea how this happened,
 * but giFT shouldn’t be crashing because of it */

A security standpoint

 * Map other pairs to security names
 * here. For now just let non-IPv4 transport always succeed.
 * WHAAAATTTT. No, we don’t let non-IPv4 transports
 * succeed! You must fix this to make it usable, sorry.
 * From a security standpoint this is insane. — Wes

Self censorship

// we like profanity in open source software, please read the
// following words carefully:
// f**k, p*ssy, d*ck, sp**m, motherf**ker
// hope our source code will now be censored by all
// governments that s**k.

Say goodbye to the webserver

  newlocation must now be the absolute path on newhost.
  If not we’ve been redirected to somewhere totally stupid
  (oh yeah, no offsite linking, go to our f*cking front page).
  Say goodbye to the webserver in this case. In fact, we don’t
  even say goodbye, but just drop the connection.
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