Work guarantee

/* Yeah, yeah. Cheap hack, but it’s guarenteed to work! :)
 * The following just hacks the returned track name into
 * the variable

I have NO idea how this happened

/* what the f*ck... this happened once when the source was
 * somehow added twice... i have NO idea how this happened,
 * but giFT shouldn’t be crashing because of it */

A security standpoint

 * Map other pairs to security names
 * here. For now just let non-IPv4 transport always succeed.
 * WHAAAATTTT. No, we don’t let non-IPv4 transports
 * succeed! You must fix this to make it usable, sorry.
 * From a security standpoint this is insane. — Wes

Self censorship

// we like profanity in open source software, please read the
// following words carefully:
// f**k, p*ssy, d*ck, sp**m, motherf**ker
// hope our source code will now be censored by all
// governments that s**k.

Say goodbye to the webserver

  newlocation must now be the absolute path on newhost.
  If not we’ve been redirected to somewhere totally stupid
  (oh yeah, no offsite linking, go to our f*cking front page).
  Say goodbye to the webserver in this case. In fact, we don’t
  even say goodbye, but just drop the connection.

We are in trouble

// Ok, If we’ve gotten here, we’re in trouble...

Support interlacing

/* interlaced image — futz with the vertical trace. i wish
 * i knew what kind of drugs the GIF people were on when
 * they decided that they needed to support interlacing.

The documented way

// The documented way of returning a multi selection when
// the result buffer is to small doesn't work. Well...
// At least, I can't get it working...
// Pick up the information directly from the selection-
// dialog and return it in the same format as it is

Do not translate the next line

/* HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!, do not translate the next
 * line!, Since this is the default string we might as well
 * use the gettext translation as we will likely have better
 * translations there. Yes ugly as f*ck, but oh well,
 * unfortunately two standard defaults are in circulation */

Programmer is always right

* Now let’s examine the code below. The cornerstone of C
* is "programmer is always right" and that’s what we love
* it for :-) For this very reason C compilers have to be
* paranoid when it comes to data aliasing and assume the
* worst.
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